Ackworth Mill Dam J&I

We are here to learn as much as we can


24/04/2018 - Tour de Yorkshire

The Tour de Yorkshire will be passing through the village on May 4th.

The Woman's race will pass through at approximately 10:30 and the school will be walking down to watch it pass and cheer on the riders.

The Mens's race will pass through after school at approximately 4:00 and  it would be great to see as many of our children as possible to cheer on these riders.

All the children at Mill Dam have been given the opportunity to contribute to a life size wooden bike and rider, which has been decorated with their images of Yorkshire or the Tour. This will be displayed as part of the community celebrations on the round about by The Beverly Arms.


To continue to raise the achievements of the Children in our school we are developing reading throughout the school.

Every classroom has a new reading area which will be used for guided and group reading every day.

We have invested in new books including class sets so everyone can have their own copy.

Every day the children will be given the opportunity to participate in S.Q.U.I.R.T, Sustained, Quiet, Uninterrupted, Reading Time.

Many studies have linked reading a range of quality books with improving general knowledge and writing, as well as reading being a fun and relaxing activity for all.

17/04/2018 - Archimedes, Plato and Pythagoras.

Our topic for the first half of the Summer term is 'Ancient Greece'.

The children will learn about a range of subject areas including, Chronology, Greek geography, Greek theatre, art and ceramics, democracy and the influence that these people who lived nearly 3000 years ago had on our modern world.

We have some very exciting and engaging learning experiences planned for the children and hopefully they will come home excited to share their learning.


17/04/2018 - DOORS!!!

As part of our continuing improvement to the school environment all of our classroom have now got doors.

This makes an amazing difference to the noise level throughout the building and helps the children in different classes to focus on the task they have been set.

11/03/2018 - Parent voice meetings.

Mrs Thompson will be meeting with parents on a regular basis.

These meeting take place at 9am in the school hall.

Please check the weekly newsletters for upcoming dates.

09/02/2018 - Twitter

Did you know we are on twitter?

@Milldamschool is our twitter handle and we are doing our best to tweet at least once a day with announcements photos, films and details of what is happening in school.