Ackworth Mill Dam J&I

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15/01/2018 - J M Barrie Day Wednesday 24th Jan.

As part of our work on Famous People we intend to hold a Peter Pan day in order to celebrate this well known story from the famous author J.M. Barrie. Children are invited to dress up as a character from the story for a donation of £2.00 per child. The donations will be used towards paying for the return of M&M THEATRICAL PRODUCTIONS to perform a pantomime of the story for all children in school on the afternoon of WEDNESDAY 24TH JANUARY. The day will also include treats for everyone as well as prizes for the best costumes on the day. Lower Foundation children who do not normally attend on a Wednesday afternoon, may swap one of their sessions so that they can participate in this exciting event.

07/01/2018 - New classroom for Year 6

Over the Christmas holiday lots of work has been going on at school while the children have a well deserved break to add a new classroom allowing us to reduce class sizes in KS2.

Class 5 will be occupied by Year 6 who will learn with our new staff member Mr Grason who we and pleased to welcome to our school.

07/01/2018 - Famous People at Mill Dam

When we return after the Christmas holidays the whole school will be starting a new topic on Famous people, class will choose and learn about their own famous people including artists, scientists, politicians, musicians and other people who have impacted our lives. This theme will be present throughout the children's core and topic learning and we are looking forward to some excellent outcomes from all classes.

A copy of the overview for this topic can be found on the website.