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25/05/2018 - PARENT VOICE

Please come to our parent voice session to share your thoughts about school. The next one is 9am on Friday 25th May.

24/05/2018 - INSPIRE

Our next inspire sessions are on Thursday 24th May at 9am for KS2 and 2pm for EYFS and KS1. We hope to see you there.

23/05/2018 - NURSERY PLACES

We now have places available in our nursery next school year for children from 3 years old. Please contact Mrs Smith on 01977 610062 for more information and check out the nursery page in class pages.


To continue to raise the achievements of the Children in our school we are developing reading throughout the school.

Every classroom has a new reading area which will be used for guided and group reading every day.

We have invested in new books including class sets so everyone can have their own copy.

Every day the children will be given the opportunity to participate in S.Q.U.I.R.T, Sustained, Quiet, Uninterrupted, Reading Time.

Many studies have linked reading a range of quality books with improving general knowledge and writing, as well as reading being a fun and relaxing activity for all.

17/04/2018 - DOORS!!!

As part of our continuing improvement to the school environment all of our classroom have now got doors.

This makes an amazing difference to the noise level throughout the building and helps the children in different classes to focus on the task they have been set.

11/03/2018 - Parent voice meetings.

Mrs Thompson will be meeting with parents on a regular basis.

These meeting take place at 9am in the school hall.

Please check the weekly newsletters for upcoming dates.

09/02/2018 - Twitter

Did you know we are on twitter?

@Milldamschool is our twitter handle and we are doing our best to tweet at least once a day with announcements photos, films and details of what is happening in school.