Ackworth Mill Dam J&I

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Staff profiles

We are proud to introduce our staff:

Mrs Thompson
Jade Smith
School Administrator
Althea Samuels
Assistant Headteacher / KS2 teacher
Rob West
Assistant Headteacher / KS2 teacher
Carole Stevenson
SENCO / KS1 teacher
Felicity Barrett
KS1 / EYFS teacher
Steve Grayson
KS2 teacher
Ann Clewarth
EYFS Teacher
Jill Jennison
Nursery Nurse
Carol Firth
Learning support coordinator
Sharon Crump
Learning support.
Theresa De Beer
Learning support / Attendance
Alison Haigh
Learning support
Ben Lawton
Learning support / PE
Lesley Burton
Learning Support
Ruth Sephton
Learning support
Becky Tonks
Learning support
Ann Morley
Learning support